Professional Development Plans and Goals


  • Observe children while learning
    • I think that as I’m getting farther along in my pre-internship, I am getting to know the kids better, and through observation of their learning, I am starting to learn what each child’s learning style is and how the learn best.
  • Identify what went well and what could be changed to improve students’ learning.
    • When I taught my math lesson, I planned out 4 centers for a 45 minute class. I had realized that by the time I was finished with my introduction, set-up, and gave instructions, there was not going to be a lot of time for students to explore each station. If I were to teach this lesson again, I would cut back to maybe two centers, or have a continuation of this lesson in the next class.
  • Time Management
    • I have noticed that when I am teaching, the time flies by, and I don’t always get to cover all the things that I’d hoped to in my lessons, and unfortunately, I haven’t always had time to get to my closure activities. This is still a goal that I am working on improving.
  • Classroom Management
    • This is also something that I am still working on. I have definitely seen an improvement since the beginning of my pre-internship, but I am still trying out new strategies and trying to figure out which one works best for my students and I.