Philosophy of Education

As a future educator, I believe that you need to be flexible and open to teaching in different ways to accommodate different learning styles.

I believe that all students have the right to equal education and that every student is capable of learning. I also believe that as their teacher, it would be my responsibility to ensure that my students have all the knowledge they require to grow and succeed. I believe that every student is different and that each student learns in different ways.  I also believe that as a teacher, you need to go into the class with high expectations for all students in all subject areas, regardless of struggles they may have shown in the past. I think that believing in your students’ abilities is key to their success.

I believe that inclusive education classrooms should be incorporated into every school and that it is beneficial to everyone in the school community. I believe that it teaches both students and educators the importance of diversity and acceptance within a school community.

I believe that the classroom should be a safe place for children to learn and grow. It is important that, as an educator, you establish a judgment free classroom for your students. I believe that students can learn and be themselves best when they are in a space they feel comfortable and safe in.

I believe that relationships between educators and students are very important. However, I believe that these relationships will only continue to grow if there is a strong basis of trust and respect between both these people. I believe that mutual trust is extremely important for students to feel that they have a safe space to learn, where they are supported and growth is encouraged. I also believe that building connections with students is important. When students feel that teachers are actively working to get to know them on a personal level, I think that they will feel more comfortable in and out of the classroom.

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