ECS 100- Field Experiences

February 7, 2017

I was placed in a grade 2/3 classroom at St. Josephat Elementary School. When we met our cooperating teacher, she told us that she wasn’t teaching the usual 2/3 classroom. Her class had been created after the school year had already began. Students were pulled from a few other classes at random. She had to teach to a classroom with widelydiffering knowledge and abilities, as she had mostly higher level grade 3s and lower level grade 2s. Her classroom set-up was also quite different than most classrooms. She had been placed in the multi-purpose room, and instead of desks, her students sat at tables. She had the students set up so that the grade 2s were on the inside and the grade 3s on the outside so they could offer help to the younger students if needed.

February 14, 2017

Today was Valentine’s Day! The first part of our time at the school today was spent with the grade 7 and 8s. The students were spread out in the hallways and were working on poster boards for their Heritage Day projects. I got to spend the majority of my time helping a student wrap her poster board and helping to get her organized. Later in the afternoon, Keagan and I got to lead Valentine’s themed centers. The centers were shared between two classes. I enjoyed working with the students in smaller groups! It allowed me to talk to them individually and to get to know each student a little better.

February 28, 2017

Today we got to observe a few lessons. Every week, another teacher comes into the classroom to teach the students religion and social studies. Because I grew up Catholic and attended a Catholic elementary and high school, these religion classes were normal for me. However, my field placement partner had never had this experience and it was all new to her. After religion and social, the students had phys. ed class. I had forgotten how much energy a classroom of grade 2/3s could have, and once they got into the gym, all that energy was released. The students practiced basic exercises and skills such as jumping jacks, skipping rope, and dribbling a basketball. At the end of class, they got to play dodge ball, which seemed to be the highlight of their day!

March 7 and 14, 2017

Today we got to teach the students an art lesson! Our classroom teacher was very open and willing to let us choose what crafts wanted to make with the students. The artwork from this lesson was going to be posted on the class bulletin board. We taught the students how to make hand-print sunflowers and colourful kites. The students were so excited and they really enjoyed creating their unique sunflowers and kites. I also got to lead a lesson on a St. Patrick’s Day themed art project! I prepared for the lesson by cutting down the blue paper for the students and then creating a sample for them to look at. From teaching this lesson, I learned that there is much more preparation than I would’ve thought required to teach a simple art lesson.


March 28, 2017

Today we spent the majority of the day with the grade 7 and 8s. In the afternoon, the senior grades got to take part in PAA (Practical Applied Arts) activities. The students were to sign up for two workshops that they were most interested in, and they got to learn new skills and abilities. Workshops available included cupcake decorating, shuffle board making, carpentry, dental hygiene, resume building & mock interviews, first aid, and vacation planning. Although we didn’t get to take part in any of the activities held today, walking around and observing the students was interesting! We got to see the different skills and interests of the students and how engaged they were in whichever activity they got to take part in. The grade 8 teacher at St. Josephat is actually the same teacher that I had when I was in grade 8, and we got to do similar activities when I was in elementary school.

April 4, 2017

Today was our last day with Ms. Fluter’s grade 2/3 class. The field experience went by faster than I thought it would!  I learned so much from this experience, and I’m sad to know that it is over. Going into university and the elementary education program, I told myself that I wanted to teach kindergarten to grade 3. However, after this experience, I’ve come to realize that I would not want to teach any younger than grade 3, and my ideal age group would be grades 4 and 5. I’ve learned about the great amount of patience that one needs to have as an elementary school teacher. I have learned about the amounts of time and preparation that goes into each and every lesson. Although I am sad that my time at St. Josephat is over, I am excited to move on, and I am looking forward to my pre-internship and full internship!