Assessment Techniques


  • This is a great technique to generate conversation and discussion
  • Students reflect independently, then share with a partner. This encourages students to share their ideas in a less intimidating setting, before moving into larger group discussion.
  • Allows educators to assess for knowledge and understanding of any particular topic.

3-2-1 Technique 

  • This is a really quick assessment strategy!
  • Students list 3 things they learned, applications or examples, and question they still have about the topic.
  • It can be used for any topic, subject or grade level
  • I would use this as a type of exit slip.

Jigsaw Technique 

  • I like the idea of the jigsaw, because it gives students the opportunity to become an ‘expert’ on a particular topic, and then they get to show off their new knowledge by teaching it to their peers.

Bingo or Jeopardy Games

  • This is a good strategy to cover lots of information in a short time.
  • It makes for a great ‘review’ activity
  • Allows teacher to get a better idea of what material needs more attention and of what students know or don’t know.

Journals and/or Writing

  • This is a really great way for teachers to see where their students are at and what they are thinking about what they have just learned.