Final Networked Learning

At the beginning of the semester, Katia told us, “Keep a log of your contributions to others’ learning”. She also told us that some of us would forget to do this, and I have to admit, that I was one of these people (to an extent).

I always had that piece of advice in the back of my mind, but when it came to answering questions on Slack, I either did not know the answer to the question needed, or someone always already beat me to the punch. I did, however, ask questions on Slack, which in turn, contributed to the learning of myself, as well as to the learning of others, as it seemed that others were having similar problems. I will attach screenshots to this conversation.

Another way that I contributed to the learning of others was through Twitter. I have to admit that I did struggle when it came to keeping up with my Twitter sharing. Although I was not a regular Twitter user, I did share and comment on classmates posts, and a screenshot of that will be attached.

I also contributed to the learning of others by commenting on classmates’ blog posts. I will be attaching screenshots to my comments on Brooke, Nelly, and Jaidyn’s blog posts.

All the evidence and screenshots to the items mentioned above will can be found in this Google Doc.

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