Coding with a Space Monkey

This week, we were asked to spend some time learning about and working with code. Personally, before this week, I have had zero experience with code. I never really learned anything about it (that I can recall) in elementary school, and in high school, computer science was offered, but I did not take that course.

So, I decided to familiarize myself with this new(ish) concept using‘s coding game about a Space Monkey Adventure!

This game has a suggested student level of grades 2-8. In the game, you need to use code (aka a language the computer understands) to get the monkey to move around space to collect bananas. At first it is pretty straight-forward, and as you progress, more obstacles get thrown your way, and it starts to get complex. I liked that this game took into consideration the large suggested age-gap. For some of the younger users who may not know how to read, spell, or type as well as older users, there is a read-aloud instruction option, and it also gives students the option to type out the code, or click a correct sequence of buttons to produce the right code.

I think that this is a great way to introduce children to coding and I think that they would have a lot of fun with it.

One thought on “Coding with a Space Monkey

  1. Hey Aimee,
    I like what you have written, I do think it will be greatly important that it can be adapted to best fit your target age group. What skills do you believe are important for students to learn from coding besides the Skill of coding? And in the long run, do you believe coding will be of importance for students to learn (does this have a purpose 10 years down the road for students)?


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