Making Progress at ASL

This week I went back and took a look at the counting, colours and fingerspelling videos again. I feel pretty confident in my ability to sign numbers 1-20, as well as 11 basic colours (black, grey, white, brown, yellow, green, blue, red, orange, purple, pink).

Initially, I thought that counting would be pretty straightforward, and it would be the same as how we all usually count on our hands. However, I learned that it is different. After the number 5, we don’t begin to use our second hand to count 6 and up. Everything is done on one hand. I think that I have got it memorized. I also learned signs for 11 basic colours, and I’m pretty sure I have got those locked in as well. This week, I also watched a video highlighting some useful tips for fingerspelling, which may come in handy soon, as I continue to work on expanding my signs.

In the upcoming week, I plan to watch the next video called 70 Basic ASL Signs for Beginners. This seems like a lot to memorize, so this week, I will only be focusing my time on this one video. My decision making process for deciding what to work on next is guided by the videos that this YouTube channel has in their ASL learning playlist.

Sometime in the upcoming weeks, I would also like to make a video which shows my progress with ASL and that will highlight my learning throughout the semester.

I look forward to continuing to grow in ASL, and am excited to see what I can accomplish this week!

One thought on “Making Progress at ASL

  1. It looks like you have made great progress so far. It’s interesting to me that after the number 5 only one hand is used to say the numbers, I definitely thought that two hands would of been used!


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