Let’s Talk About Twitter…

This week, we were asked to think about Twitter as a professional development tool, as well as Twitter in the classroom.

After participating in last week’s #saskedchat Twitter conversation, I think that Twitter is an excellent resource for professional development. Not only did I get to engage in relevant conversations and topics with other educators and future educators, but I also got to expand my Twitter community and support network by finding new people to follow. This chat gave me insight into new ways of thinking about certain topics, and overall, I think it’s just a great tool to connect educators across the province and even throughout the country.

As for Twitter in the classroom, I think that it could be a useful tool, depending on the age of the students you wish to use it with. Personally, I am an elementary pre-service teacher, so I don’t know if I could use this as a tool in my classrooms… Possibly as a way to have communication between the teacher and parents, but it probably isn’t a tool I’d use with K-5 students. I can definitely see it being used as a tool in high school classrooms though! I think that by the time students are in grade 9, they usually have a pretty good grasp on social media, and I think that bringing Twitter in the classroom could be useful for sharing conversation about certain topics pertaining to the class, as well as a useful tool when looking to do formative assessments.

Personally, I have never used Twitter before this class, so I am still trying to figure it out and get the hang of it, but overall, I think that Twitter is a great educational platform for both teachers and students.

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