Slowly but Surely!

This week has gone well for me in terms of starting my learning project! As you may know, I have decided to learn ASL, and although I had learned a little of the alphabet before, it had been quite a while and I needed a refresher!

So this last week, I have successfully re-learned the alphabet and have been practicing throughout the week. My sister is also interested in learning ASL, so we have been practicing together by spelling out different words in ASL. It’s a good learning exercise because not only is the person spelling the word practicing the letters, the person who is reading the word has to quickly recall letter after letter and put them together to decode the word.

To help guide me through the process of learning ASL, I am following a YouTube channel called Take Lessons. They have playlists for learning many new skills, which I think is great! Obviously for the purposes of this assignment, however, I am following their American Sign Language feed.

This week, I plan to watch the next three videos about counting, colours, and fingerspelling!

I feel that I am still only beginning to scratch the surface with ASL, but just as you would with any other new language, you have to start slow in order to build a good foundation of understanding!

“Alphabet Blocks” by Leo Reynolds is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

2 thoughts on “Slowly but Surely!

  1. Hi Aimee! It’s really fulfilling to see you taking a great start on your learning project! It’s amazing to see you have the support of your sister and to go through learning it together! I hope your journey continues to be great and rewarding!


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