Figuring out Feedly

I have to admit, trying to figure out how to use Feedly was a bit of a struggle for me.. At first I was very confused about linking twitter, and I thought I was supposed to be following twitter hashtags rather than blog pages and articles. However, with the help of a few of my classmates, I was able to figure it out! (A big thank you to Kara, Mason, Erin, and Brooke!!)

To find blogs and articles that I was interested in, I searched keywords such as education, teacher resources, ed tech, and elementary education.

A few blogs that I follow are: EdTech Magazine, TedEd, Teacher Tech, and Edutopia. I have found a few articles in these blogs that are interesting, and I think the ones pertaining to online distance learning are quite relevant to me. I have a younger brother in grade 7, and he is currently learning at home. I have noticed that he often has a hard time staying focused and on-task, so I am always curious to read more about tips and tricks for keeping kids engaged though distance learning.

If anyone has found any great blogs, I’d love to hear about them and add them to my feed!

One thought on “Figuring out Feedly

  1. I’m so glad that we were able to help you with figuring out how to use Feedly. It is quite easy to search for key words that are of interest to the user, but it can also be overwhelming because there’s so many options!

    I wonder if I teach your brother at RPS eSchool! I bet you are going to be a big help to him as he navigates online learning.


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