Creative Journal Entry #3

To me, embodiment is when you are actively participating and contributing to the issue at hand.  You yourself are physically putting in the time and effort to help lessen climate change to the best of your ability. Even if you are only able to help in small ways, it is sometimes the small things that build up to creating a big result.  With the embodying ecoliteracy project, I have been doing my part to help reduce climate change in a variety of different ways. I have been doing things such as composting, using plastic/glass containers instead of ziploc bags, eating less beef, planning meals to reduce as much waste as possible, and bringing my own reusable shopping bags with me to the grocery store. The main thing I have been focusing on, however, is recycling. Throughout the process of this project, I have learned more about what can and can’t be recycled. I have also found that I have become more aware of what kinds of things I have been throwing out and that much of what I want to throw out can either be re-used, recycled, or composted.

For my visual, I wrote all the things I have done/plan to do to help reduce the waste that I produce on my hand. I put my hand in front of the recycling bin because that is the thing that I have found myself focusing on the most throughout the process of the assignment. 

2 thoughts on “Creative Journal Entry #3

  1. Hey Aimee.
    Great post. I love how you began your blog by simply stating what embodiment means to you. I am now curious as to how I can change my recycling habits to also help the environment. I also love the visual that you used. I also used my hands as a visual for this blog as I think of something “hands-on” when thinking about embodiment.
    Good job.


  2. Hey Aimee,
    It’s great that you are trying to lessen your footprint by cutting back on the waste that you are using. During our group presentations, it sounded like using reusable bags at the grocery store was a big one that people were trying to do but often struggled with that. Did you find using reusable bags easy or was it difficult for you? I love your definition of embodiment! It seems like you have really thought deeply about what it means to you! Your visual was great and really made sense of what you were trying to say in your actual post. When you found out what that some things couldn’t be recycled what did you do with them? Did you throw them out or did you repurpose them? Great post!


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