Eco-Literacy Braid

In my love letter, I wrote to my grandparents, thanking them for the lifestyle they lived and things that they taught me. In doing this braiding assignment, I found connections with Taylor and Leeza‘s letters. We all wrote to our grandparents and thanked them for growing gardens and for teaching us how to grow food of our own. A connection that I made with Taylor is that she said she would always try to sneak garden peas when her grandma wasn’t looking. I did the same thing, but with my grandma’s cherry tomatoes!  I remember that they were always so sweet and my grandma would always end up giving me some to take home at the end of the day. Leeza and I both talked about how our grandparents lived without many of the modern technologies and luxuries that many of us today can’t imagine living without. I always enjoy going over to my grandparents’ house because it allows me to take a break from technology and just focus on spending time with my grandparents, whether that be in their basement visiting, or outside, helping them in their garden.

While there are similarities between our letters, I also noticed some differences. One of the things that stood out the most to me was that both Taylor and Leeza talked about their grandparents living on a farm, while my grandparents have always lived in the city. However, regardless of where our grandparents reside(ed), they were able to give back to the Earth in the best way that they could and knew how.

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