A Quote About Education

Choose a quotation related to education. It might be a quote from lecture, a quote from the list posted here, or a quote you found independently. In a post, unpack that quote. Think about what it makes possible and impossible in education. What does it say about the teacher, about the student? How does it related to your own understandings of curriculum and of school?

“We as educators need to reconsider our roles in students’ lives, to think of ourselves as connectors first and content experts second.”

~Will Richardson

As a future teacher, I strongly believe that establishing a positive relationship with the students is ideal for their success. Will Richardson said that “as educators, [we] need to reconsider our roles in students’ lives, to think of ourselves as connectors first and content experts second”.  I liked this quote because it mentions that an important role of a teacher is to make connections with and for the students, rather than loading them up with information and leaving them to decipher it for themselves. I think that if teachers are able to develop a good relationship with their students, it will allow the student to feel comfortable and confident in the classroom setting. I believe that by being ‘connectors’ and then ‘experts’ second, teachers are allowing for the students to feel comfortable in their learning environment and feeling confident to ask questions and make new connections on their own. I think this is important because when I was younger, I had a teacher who did not make connections with her students and often dismissed the students’ attempts to share thoughts and ideas. This way of teaching led to her students feeling very distant and insecure with their learning and class work. On the other hand, however, I have also had a teacher who worked very hard to make a connection with each student in his class. The classroom dynamics between these two teachers were incredibly different and looking back, I see a major difference in the level of success I had in the second class compared to the first.

While I believe that is important for teachers to be able to make connections with their students, I also know that it can not always be possible in every situation. Some students can be very quiet and reserved, making it difficult for teachers to try and build a connection and form a relationship. A second difficulty in making this possible in all classrooms is the amount of students in a classroom. Teachers with smaller class sizes have an advantage opposed to a teacher or professor who has a class of over 75 students.

One thought on “A Quote About Education

  1. Hi Aimee,

    I like how you point out that the students who have made connections with their teachers become more confident to ask questions when they do not understand something. I can relate to this 100%. I was often very shy as a child and would never let the teacher or class know if I didn’t understand something but I remember 2 teachers who made a huge difference in my education by getting to know me and understanding that I was afraid to speak in front of others. They would go out of there way to come to me and make sure I understood everything and would even spend extra time outside class hours to help me if needed. I think this is the rewarding part of being a teacher is knowing you are really making those imprints on students lives.

    Thanks for sharing!


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