Creative Journal Entry #1

I believe that in order to feel connected to our environment, we need to take care of it.  By recycling, we can keep more garbage out of landfills and oceans, which contributes to the overall health of our earth and animals. By reusing materials, companies and factories don’t need to produce as much new product, which then eliminates some of the gases and pollution from these factories.

For my first visual representation, I decided to gather some materials from around my house that can be recycled and then put them together to form a sort of collage. The blue, checkered base is a piece of an old cardboard box. I found pages from a magazine, newspaper, flyers, and an old phone-book. I also gathered some bottle lids and pop can tabs.

Every piece of recyclable garbage that is saved for the recycling bin helps to keep our environment clean and healthy, allowing us to enjoy our time outside, exploring and connecting with our environment.


One thought on “Creative Journal Entry #1

  1. Your take on the importance of recycling was really eye opening, and I think if more people were to talk about it than others wouldn’t believe it to be such a chore. The way you made your piece of artwork was a really good way of physically showing how someone could use recyclable material in a different way, and create something that can start a conversation!
    One thing you may want to consider is taking this and thinking about a moment in time when you were recycling or someone told you to or not to recycle. Also How did the readings fro this past week help you understand or create this visual representation? Or did you change anything after reading the articles?
    Well done, thank you for sharing your story!


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