My name is Aimee Drews, and I am an education student at the University of Regina. I grew up here in Regina and graduated from O’neill High School in June of 2016. I am the oldest of 4 kids in my family: 3 girls and 1 boy. Shortly after I was born, my mom left her job at SaskPower to become a stay-at-home mom, and from there, she operated a home daycare until my brother was in school. As I got older, I began to help with the daycare more, and I found that I enjoyed interacting and helping with the kids, especially the younger ones. I’m currently in the elementary education program, and I hope to teach kindergarten to grade 3/4. I’m interested in becoming a teacher because I’ve been around children my whole life, and I’m very comfortable around them and I enjoy working with them. I’ve had experience working in a school setting with children, aging anywhere between pre-school to grade 3. Over the summer, I volunteered at a summer camp at Bloom Learning Center. Working with kids has always been an interest of mine, and I look forward to continuing to pursue that interest within my field experiences and later on in my career.